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Attended by thousands and viewed by tens of millions annually 

National Menorah Council

The National Menorah activities are entirely privately funded.


To this end, we have established the National Menorah Council, which presents a unique opportunity for individuals, corporations and organizations to lend support to this prestigious world renowned effort.


In addition to organizing and presenting the annual lighting ceremony of the National Menorah on The Ellipse, across from the White House in Washington, DC, the National Menorah Council is uniquely positioned and prepared to offer creative, logistical and other support to many communities worldwide, as initial hesitation is replaced by pride and enthusiasm with regard this celebration.


The services of the National Menorah Council and its resources have been engaged in the preparation and development of Chanukah initiatives with numerous heads of state and government, dozens of US governors, mayors, county executives and many other leading governmental, diplomatic and academic leaders.


Ever since the first public menorah on record in the US was lit at Independence Mall in 1974, the unifying initiative of public menorah lightings has become a sensation at prestigious, even unimaginable locations such as the Sydney Opera House, Moscow’s Red Square (!), Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, Hong Kong Harbour, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Independence Mall in Philadelphia and, obviously, the Western Wall in Jerusalem. We are proud to have played an active organizing role in many of these festivities.

In the period leading up to Chanukah, we daily field innumerable calls from literally across the globe seeking information, support and guidance in the formation and implementation of the celebration of Chanukah, both public and private. With our colleagues in 3,500 centers in all 50 states and over 80 countries, we work constantly to develop this important effort even further.


Please take a moment to consider joining in support of this program, helping to bring the powerful and relevant message of light and warmth inherent in Chanukah to millions of people from all walks of life. Contributions are tax-deductible.

National Menorah
National Menorah - Alex Clare
National Menorah