Holiday Times for Washington DC

​Passover Dates:

  • Passover will be celebrated from March 27 - April 4.

  • The first Seder will be on March 27 after nightfall, and the second Seder will be on March 28 after nightfall.

Passover Times:

  • Shabbat, March 27th, 2021:

    • Finish eating Chometz before 11:07AM

    • Nullify Chometz before 12:10PM

    • Light Candles after 8:07PM (From a pre-existing flame). Make Havdalah during the Seder.

  • Sunday, March 28, 2021:

    • Light Candles after 8:08PM (From a pre-existing flame)

  • Monday, March 29, 2021:

    • Make Havdalah after 8:09PM​


Passover Guide


Whether you are looking for classes on the laws and story of Passover, or Seder-Kits, Matzahs and Dinners, be sure to check out the information below.

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What is Passover?

Every year, millions of Jews the world over sit down with family and friends to celebrate Passover, the miracle of our deliverance from Egypt over 3,300 years ago. The story of Exodus, the foundation of our faith and identity, resonates ever so powerfully each time and especially in our time.

In the prayer book we use for the Passover Seder, the "Hagaddah", we recall how we were threatened with annihilation, not once or twice, or more often but in "in every generation, they rise up to see our demise, and the Almighty saves us from their hands".

Today, we again face real threats to our existence. In some places around the world, the threat is physical. In our society, perhaps it is more spiritual, as we tend to forget our historically unprecedented good fortune of religious freedoms and even take them for granted.

Passover Resources


"How to DIY Seder"

By Rabbi Shua Hecht

"You call this Freedom?"

By Rabbi Menachem Shemtov

"The Kabbalah of Passover"

By Rabbi Yitzy Ceitlin

"The Passover Story revisited"

By Rebbetzin Esti Hecht

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