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Youth & Children's


Children. Our treasures. Our future.


No more important time than now to focus on our youth. Children need to establish their sense of identity at the earliest possible age, taking meaningful lessons and experiences that will last them a lifetime.


In these days, as we see challenges and turmoil, it is crucial that we help our children foster a healthy feeling of responsibility and self-worth. "Educate the young child according to their path, thus when they grow older they will not depart from it", said King Solomon, the wisest of all men.


Through a variety of first-rate children's and youth programs, children of all backgrounds can avail themselves of our many opportunities to learn, grow, give and enjoy in a healthy and safe, inspiring environment.

Our Jewish heritage is enriched by many meaningful traditions and beautiful festivities through the year. The youth programs we offer aim to bring these wonderful aspects of Jewish life to those who want to participate in the Jewish experience but might not know how, why or even when.

Washington DC

Jewish Festival


Educating Children about Jewish Heritage

Jewish Heritage comes alive for our young friends through a series of programs and activities designed to make Jewish life engaging, exciting and meaningful. Through our Jewish Festival Awareness Series, in cooperation with JCrafts, children of all ages, including hundreds of Jewish school children, get hands-on experiences such as making their very own shofar, building a personal menorah, making Hamantaschen for Purim, or baking matzah before Passover the same way it was done thousands of years ago when our ancestors left Egypt! Real-life re-enactments of historic events bring alive these lessons of history so our youngest friends can internalize their messages in a most practical way, hopefully carrying our traditions to the new generation.


This program also distributes thousands of holiday guides and other materials to families of all affiliations, helping them become informed, involved and engaged in a truly Jewish experience.


We take Jewish life out of the textbook as a mere subject and help turn into an exciting real-life experience, the best way to ensure our young ones embrace their heritage whole heartedly and at their own pace.

Camp Gan Israel


Jewish Day Camp for Kids Aged 2-12

Camp Gan Israel is a summer and winter Day camp dedicated to enriching the lives of children from diverse Jewish backgrounds and affiliations through a stimulating camping experience. Our focus on child safety and program quality is unparalleled. Additionally, Gan Israel DC is part of the largest and fastest growing network of day camps, enjoying a reputation as a pioneer in Jewish camping. With innovative ideas and creative activities, we aim to provide enjoyment and inspire children to try new and exciting things!

Many a child has been known to wait all year to come back to Gan Izzy! Our camp has something for everyone ages 2-12. From Mini Gan Izzy to our fantastic Pioneer division, campers enjoy a wide range of exciting activities and field trips in a warm and vivacious atmosphere. Our fast growing camp offers a wonderful winter and summer experience for your children. The campers are guided in organized activity, play, and social skills by loving, patient, and caring staff.


Our beautiful camp site and nearby parks are well suited to a full program of sports, games, crafts, dramatics, and other enriching camp activities. Swimming activities take place at the state of the art pool at the Washington Hilton. Our experienced staff work to develop skills, confidence and a sense of fair play within each child.


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please visit our website

Judaism Through The Arts

A Jewish enrichment program for children which brings Judaism to life through creative, interactive and stimulating lessons. Given its creative and artistic environment, JUDA is suitable for ALL Jewish children.

Our Students

JUDA caters to children from 4-11 and consists of three age groups.  All Jewish children are welcomed regardless of their affiliation and/or formal membership.

Our Curriculum 

The core curriculum of JUDA consists of lessons focusing on festival preparation, stories from the Torah, Jewish observances and values, and life cycle events. Aside from holiday awareness lessons before each Jewish festival, each age group focuses on a particular topic each year. This is done in rotation, so that each group explores a new topic each year.

Our “Non-Judgemental” Policy

At JUDA we believe that “a good choice is an educated choice.”  We, therefore, aim to provide our students with the information and positive Jewish experiences to enable them to make good and informed choices – now and throughout their lives. We are quite aware that each child comes from a different background and are sensitive to the fact that the level of commitment and observance differs in each home.

Our Supplies 

To achieve the best results, JUDA uses high-end art supplies and a full library of iPads loaded with suitable apps to allow each kid’s creativity to flow. JUDA is a “workbook free zone.” Typical worksheet/workbook-based lessons are replaced with lessons that include engaging activities such as drama, art, music, movie, and other media editing, etc. Given its unique creative and artistic environment, JUDA is suitable for ALL Jewish children – whether or not they already attend another Jewish educational program.

A Jewish enrichment program for children which brings Judaism to life through creative, interactive and stimulating lessons.

Hebrew School

To You

The Quality of a Classroom in the comfort of your home

Hebrew School to You is a revolutionary program offered to DC's Jewish community. You choose the time and location, and we bring you engaging, quality lessons, tailor-made to your child's learning style and your educational goals. 


We offer group classes and private tutoring options for children from all Jewish backgrounds - either as your exclusive Jewish education option (typically for students not currently attending Jewish day school) or supplementary classes (for those who are). 


Hebrew School To You is open to students as young as 3 and as old as you'd like. We also offer Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons, classes for high school students, and even Adult Series if you feel like your Jewish/Hebrew studies could use some refreshing.


Classes can take place at your home, library, child's school, other local space or one of our two convenient locations and run in 6-week sessions, with 1-1.5 hours/lesson. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. 




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