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Jewish Student
Support Center


The need for outreach exists nowhere more than among youth - particularly on the college campus.

While young men and women form their basic outlook on life, begin to map their future, and become involved in and exposed to the entire marketplace of ideas, it is most essential that their Jewish identity be reinforced.

Often working with other student groups - in Washington, DC and across the country- including the National Capital Leadership Retreat for student leaders, American Friends of Lubavitch (Chabad) in Washington, DC reaches and inspires thousands of students, helping them make informed decisions as Jews. A recent Intercollegiate Shabbat attracted hundreds of students from nearly 50 campuses across the US and internationally. Many student groups, small and large, from campuses here and abroad, are often hosted at one of our centers, allowing students to learn about Jewish life in America's capital, and make some awesome new friends.

This program has already met with large success and plans for expansion and additional staffing are being implemented. In addition to full and growing operations at The George Washington University, Georgetown University and American University, this initiative sponsors numerous activities and programs positively impacting Jewish students at Gallaudet Universities, as well as students studying on the various Washington, DC facilities of other universities.

During the summer months, through NJIN - National Jewish Interns Network, a series of Shabbat dinners and services, and other programs are offered to the thousands of Jewish interns who descend upon Washington, DC, offering them great opportunities to meet each other and participate in special events with leading figures - in Congress and the Administration, as well as media and other professions, helping to strengthen their identities and networks as they begin their lives as more independent adults and build their illustrious careers.


In these challenging times, strengthening and preserving Jewish identity among our young people takes on added significance and importance. As King David wrote in the Psalms, "As arrows in the quiver of the warrior, are the children of youth." They are our future.


Through constantly creating and developing new programs, using cutting edge communications and proven methods, we are able to help empower a new generation of Jewish students and youth build real and impactful leadership skills with today's top leaders.


With our colleagues on hundreds of campuses, we offer a large network to students leaders who avail themselves of our programs, helping them to build community - not only with students on their own campuses, but regionally, nationally and even globally.

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