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Chabad on Campus DC

American Friends of Lubavitch (Chabad) sponsors an array of programming at the Washington DC universities in the Chabad on Campus network.

These include: American, The George Washington, Georgetown and Gallaudet Universities as well as various programs for Students of other institutions located in our nation's capital.

Another important initiative is NJIN - the National Jewish Interns Network, our program for those with internships over the summer and year-round.

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Chabad on Campus DC
Chabad GW
Chabad on Campus DC
Chabad GW


  • Shabbat/Holiday Hospitality

  • One-on-One Study

  • Kosher Food

  • Campus Chabad House

  • Mezuzah Loans/Service

  • Synagogue

  • Adult Education​

  • Library

Shabbat and Holidays

  • Shabbat Student Dinners

  • Shabbat Hospitality

  • Holiday Awareness Programs


  • Regional Programming

  • Summer Programming

  • Birthright Israel


  • Regular Classes

  • Communal Lectures

  • Farbrengens

  • One-on-One Study

  • Experiential Jewish Learning

  • Israel Programming

  • Sinai Scholars

  • Holiday Learning

  • Judaism 101



The George



Rabbi Levi &

Nechama Shemtov

The Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Student Center at GW is a warm, vibrant center serving the thousands of Jewish students at The George Washington University.

Through a variety of energetic programs that attract hundreds of students - weekly Shabbat dinners, Jewish Holiday celebrations and other public events - to Torah study opportunities, socials and innovative Jewish identity and outreach initiatives, Chabad GW is the place for Jewish life on campus.

Chabad GW was founded in 1994 and is the home of Chabad on Campus DC



Rabbi Shua & Esti Hecht

Since Chabad AU's founding in 2012, we have brought Judaism to life for the Jewish community in AU Park and surrounding neighborhoods, as well as students and faculty at American University.

Our programs and classes have always been designed with you in mind, so feel free to drop us a line about your personal interests and check out our website for more information about upcoming events.



Rabbi Yehoshua & Cheftziba Sudakoff

Gallaudet is a federally-chartered private university for the education of the Deaf and hard of hearing located in Washington, D.C. 


The Chabad Student Club is an opportunity to connect with your Jewish heritage, be it through delicious kosher food, celebrating the beauty of Shabbat with your fellow students, becoming inspired on Jewish holidays, asking a deaf rabbi all the questions you’ve always wondered about, and many, many more things.



One of the most prominent and historic Universities in America is Georgetown University.


We sponsor and coordinate Shabbat programs and events for the undergraduate and graduate students, as well as have nearby Shabbat dinners at various locations throughout the year.

We welcome Jews from every background, level of observance, and affiliation, and we look forward to welcoming you to our community! 

We're excited about developing our full-time presence and center at Georgetown University / National Law center over the coming months.


National Jewish Interns Network

NJIN - the National Jewish Interns Network - helps connect Jewish interns in DC and elsewhere and provides an array of excellent opportunities to make the most of your internship experience, socially as well as spiritually.

We welcome Jewish interns from every background, level of observance, and affiliation. 

Every summer, the nation's future leaders gather in Washington, DC. Getting to know the right people can be key, even as everyone is spread all across the city. NJIN is a great way to help make these invaluable connections.